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Ma réaction contre les caricatures

Objet: immoral ! and inexplicable
À: vebjorn@magazinet.no
Cc: jp@jp.dk, magazinet@magazinet.no


never have i thought one day i'll have to send an email to defend my religion.

i am tunisian, arab, africain and muslim

until now Danemark was for me a quiet kingdom with people highly civilized

but as i discovered your offense to my religion and my prophet it is nolonger the same

now denmark become strongly a place where beliefs are not respected, quite a place of barbars and savages ... because a civilzed country with high human values never do such offenses ..

i d! on't know why you did that ... may be you're anti islam, may be you're just spiritally poor enough to be so insensitive to others beliefs

it isn't important

but it is very regretful that you cause such hatered between people, especially in these years

may GOD pardon you your offenses .. and lift your soul enough to reach wisdom and respect for people around the world, even those who are different from you.


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