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Ronaldo parle ...

voici des extraits de la conf de presse du champion Ronaldo à propos de ce qu'il est en train de subir au Real en ce moment ... et ce en dépit de stats trés respectables ...

 c'est aussi triste mais trés édifiant :

Ronaldo rapped:

"I am disappointed with many people because they have taken advantage of my situation. I have heard Pelé and Platini say things about me... I have respected everybody, but I cannot control people."

"They invented that I fought with Guti. Since I arrived, he has been my favourite player. It seems that Madrid is one thing and Ronaldo is another - but I am part of this team."

"It's rubbish that I was dropped for the Atletico Madrid game. The coach told me I would be rested and I accepted that. But, because everyone is against me, it was reported that I was not selected because of a technical decision."

"I have copped a thousand barbs, but now is not the time to hit back. When things are going better for myself, I will make my thoughts known. I have wide shoulders and I will take this heat for now."

The Brazilian is a target for Inter and AC Milan and said yesterday: "In Italy I have had five beautiful years, I'm happy that they still want me."

"After the World Cup I will decide my future. The declarations of Moratti and Berlusconi have given much pleasure to me, but the decision to leave or stay is Real Madrid's - it is not only up to me."

On the Champions League, Ronaldo added: "I hope that an Italian team wins the Cup."

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